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24 April 2004 @ 07:21 pm
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Jennjenn_s on October 6th, 2004 05:49 am (UTC)
Hey I know you dont know me and have no reason to add me but I am from Scotland...Livingston to be more accurate and LOVE SG1,CSI and my newest fandom is SG:Atlantis I am hooked already.I was searching for folk in scotland with stargate as an interest as I never seem to be able to meet anyone were I stay that even knows what it is let alone watches it.Anyways just thought I would say hello anyways.

I am a quite a random person who is addicted to con-going.I have just got back from my third Gatecon.Next year when I go (hopefully) I am taking a trip down to Vagas to where CSI is filmed.My freind did it this year and she said it was amazing so I SO have to go now lol.I have about 4 other con's this year and LOADS next year I fear for my bank balance lol

Anyways...My name is Jenn and I am 20 soon to be 21 and as I say from Livi....

Claire: Sam/Jackandie_306 on October 6th, 2004 07:03 am (UTC)
hey! i added you, its always great to make new Stargate friends!

i would kill to go to Gatecon! but its a tad too far away. the furthest i've been for a con is London. that was last year, it was a Buffy convention if you're wondering. are you going to the Evening with Teryl Rothery thing in Glasgow in November? the Evening with Michael Shanks and Chris Judge thing in january was fantastic! =D

my bank balance can hardly take the Glasgow ones so i fear for your bank balance too! lol.

i'm hooked on Atlantis as well! i downloaded all the eps that were on in the US. the quality wasn't all that great tho so i can't wait to see them all on Sky One. i *heart* Joe Flanigan! Sheppard rules!

anyhow i'll be off to finish watching Independence Day.

~ Claire x